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Megan Racing Rear Camber Kit: Honda Accord 1990-1997

Megan Racing Rear Camber Kit: Honda Accord 1990-1997
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Megan Racing Rear Camber Kit: Honda Accord 1990-1997

Car alignment is absolutely crucial when modifying your car. Alignment can effect every aspect of your driving experience, from straight line stability, understeer, oversteer, acceleration, braking and tire wear. Although stock components allow slight alignments from the stock suspension settings, they often are not able to properly align the car after the suspension has been modified. From the factory, most cars are set to have understeer and for optimum tire wear at stock height; understeer is often undesired from a performance standpoint and almost all performance driven applications are lowered.

Megan Racing Inc. has developed reinforced and adjustable control arms to accomidate the needs of the aggressive and performance oriented tuner. Being constructed of a Lightweight Steel-Alloy which is able to withstand the stresses of extreme competition, these arms are powdercoated with a 3-Stage process to ensure durability and protection against the elements.

These rear Lower-Rear Arms are adjustable to fine tune your cars handling in the rear. When lowering a car, these will eliminate premature tire wear caused by the rear wheels riding upon the inside tread only. Combine with Rear Toe Arms and Rear-Rear Control Arms for the ultimate in adjustability.

Rear Camber Arms (Pair)

- Constructed of Steel Alloy for Lightweight yet Durable performance.
- Hard Rubber bushings for a more direct feel and driving experience.
- Easy to access turnbuckle-style adjustment.
- Can be adjusted without removing from the vehicle.
- Eliminates Premature Tire Wear while improving handling and stability.

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